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Deactivating Facebook

Okay, so I wanted to try something out and see what it was like to not have Facebook for a few days. I deactivated my account and set it up to activate again in seven days. I honestly thought this would cause no difference whatsoever. However, I caught myself constantly clicking on the app and then realizing it was logged off. I did this at least 20 times today. I'm so used to scrolling through my feed when I'm bored or constantly checking up on people's posts that it was a shock to not be able to. I use Facebook more than I even use Snapchat. I only had my account off for TWO days and it was driving me crazy. I felt like people were messaging me and it was important, but I couldn't see it. I felt like I was missing out constantly and not getting to associate with the same people I usually do. I think it's really concerning that I fing it this difficult to go without just ONE app. Well, now i'm on to day three. It's definitely not getting easier. It really is an addiction. 

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  • I am for sure addicted to social media, so this would be hard for me. I'm proud that you're sticking in there! I know that I would constantly check my facebook app because I always have it logged in and it's so easy to access - especially when I'm bored. All apps are like that so it's easy to access and get hooked.
  • You do make a great point Saraya. Social Media has taken over people's lives,to the point it is an addiction,and once you do attempt to "quit" it you have to teach your self to not do certain things that you're used to doing every day.
  • This sounds like a fun and aggravating challenge to do. I think that if I were to do the challenge for something that I use on a daily basis, I would be able to better understand how addicted I am to technology as a whole. I will definitely consider it during Christmas break, as to challenge myself.
  • I don't think I would be able to deactivate anything on my phone. I literally go through all of my social media apps everyday. Facebook I only go on is when family post a picture of me or I get a notification for like a tbt or my old post I made back on that day.
  • I personally don't think I would be that affected by it, but I think that's mainly because I don't realize how much I use social media. I never really pay attention to how much time I spend on these sites, when in reality, I spend numerous hours weekly just catching up on what's going on with other people. Definitely a challenge I'd want to try at some point.
  • I'm impressed—I've thought about doing a similar challenge as part of media literacy class, but I'm not sure people would follow through. I'll be interested in hearing how feel in a few more days. I should try the same with Twitter.
  • I deactivated my facebook for a few months in seventh grade (no particular reason, I just didn't want it anymore) and now I can see how much social media has really changed and increased my addiction. If I tried to do that now, I would go insane. It was fairly easy in seventh grade when I didn't have a smartphone and saw everyone I talked to on facebook on a daily basis.
  • Looks like you have a bad case of FOMO. ;) honestly though I have done this before with snapchat. I didn't deactivate it obviously but I did log off and I realized that I couldn't even go a day without it. This was before we had "streaks" so that didn't matter then but I still just wanted to always be on snapchat. Me and you should both see how long we can go without snapchat and see what happens.
  • I feel like if I deactivated my account, the same thing would happen to me. I am definitely addicted to social media.
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