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Delta Airlines

After watching a video of what seemed to be a few men being kicked off of a plane supposedly for speaking Arabic, I was completely shocked. After seeing such a controversial video, I decided to look in the comments and see what everyone else thought about it. I was expecting to see a lot of people feeling the same way I was, pouring out sympathy for these poor men and feeling pretty upset with Delta Airlines--but that wasn’t it at all. People had done their research on the man claiming to be innocent and that he was just speaking his native language to his mother on the phone and to his friend in person. Turns out this man is a YouTuber and is known for pranks that he plays using his race. He has videos where he counts down in arabic and other videos made solely to seek out attention through ‘humor’. This falls perfectly into one of our basic concepts of media literacy. The whole story was not told and that sculpted how I, along with many other viewers, originally felt for this guy. Social media has the power to show or keep hidden whatever they want to and they use this to every advantage that they can.

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