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Devil In I response

Why I chose this song, is that it is one of my favorite bands, and they’re songs are good at hidden meanings in their lyrics. The song Devil in I, I take it as have passed things inside and that you’re releasing that out and making it better for yourself,because now you have it off your chest.The lyric “Step inside, see the devil in I” I think it’s about letting out the feelings,and telling them to someone who’s not having the same problems. The song from the band’s perspective, is about letting emotions out and forgetting the past.

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  • I have heard this song because my oldest brother is a big fan of these kind of songs and the genre. When he used to bring us to school, he would listen to this and I was like scared because I was little and he played it really loud so I was a little frightened. I would listen to it if I was like going into a game and needed to get pumped up but otherwise, I dont listen to them or any bands like this. I never really listened to the meaning of songs like this but now I know what they mean and why people write songs this way.
  • Interesting song choice, I've heard of this band before. I didn't know they were from Iowa..that's was interesting I thought. I thought this song was sort of confusing throughout the first verse. I don't tend to listen to this but they do get the point of across by screaming it and the lyrics are well written.
  • Throughout the song you here a lot of of things about relationships, but in a much darker tone than usual. You get the feeling that the relationship in the song was pretty dysfunctional and it only got worse when they separated, the man in the song seemed pretty angered and distraught going by the lyrics. By the end of the song I thought that he kind of finally expressed his feelings after feeling like he couldn't before. I do have to say while i'm not a huge fan of the genre the band itself has had some pretty sweet rifts before.
  • I usually don't listen to this genre of music, but this song wasn't bad, just not my type. I definitely agree with the meaning behind it. It could be interpreted about a couple, or friends, or really any relationship in which someone has been strong for too long, they need to let their emotions out, as "evil as they may be". In the song it talks about how people have a dark side and they have these emotions that are filled with anger and rage and hate, sometimes people just need to let them out, or it feels like they'll explode.
  • I've known about Slipknot for quite some time, but I've never really thought about the meanings of their lyrics. Most of the time, it's always heavy guitar, screaming vocals and a fast paced drum beat, so I always think the song is just going to be about hate and anger. This song, without actually reading the lyrics, you would mainly think the same thing. "Step inside, see the devil in I" shows all of the hatred and anger that the singer is trying to express in the song, and with the meaning being that you need to let emotions out, it shows that he is angry and is expressing himself. Overall, not a typical song I would listen to, but the underlying meaning behind it makes it mean a little more.
  • I have ever heard this song before. It was very strong in instrumentals. The guitar and the drums are very powerful. Let's not forget about his voice, he has a very powerful voice in the chorus and a light voice in the intro of the song. The meaning of the song really makes sense because he is trying to let out the devil. The songs meaning and good use of instruments makes it a very powerful song.
  • I was really shocked after actually paying attention to the lyrics of this song. I have loved this song since it came out, and I know every word to the lyrics. However, I never really thought about what it meant until now. I LOVE Slipknot and their music tends to be full of hidden meanings or deep meanings in general. No, they don't just stand up their and scream. I thought the song was about someone having inner demons and a lot of pent up anger. I also thought that maybe they were trying to push a love interest away by telling them to witness how he really is inside and that his love interest deserves better. I think the song was overall a very powerful way to portray anger.
  • I thought that this song was a really interesting song to annotate and I definitely had trouble annotating because I do not listen to this type of music. Overall, I thought that this song was talking about someone that hurt this guy and he's trying to get back at him. I thought that, "see the Devil in I," was an interesting lyric because I thought it meant that it shows how angry he can get if he isn't treated right.
  • I liked this song. I thought it was good because it's one of those songs I could use to release my anger because that seems to be the purpose and meaning of this song. It was good that the intro is a fast paced instrumental and the outro is a slow paced instrumental. It makes it seem like when he started writing this song, he was very angry, but as the song went on, he released his emotion and got rid of the anger. I thought it was really good.
  • When I heard this song, I really had no idea what it was about. I thought there was a religious twist on it when it talked about the devil and perish the sacrament. When you say it's about letting emotions off of your chest, it makes a whole lot of sense. It's almost like everyone has their own devil in them haunting them. Everyone has issues and problems that they don't say publicly, so maybe saying "Step inside, see the devil in I" is saying they have problems too like everyone else. I've never listened to this type of genre before, but it was pretty good.
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