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Devil In I response

Why I chose this song, is that it is one of my favorite bands, and they’re songs are good at hidden meanings in their lyrics. The song Devil in I, I take it as have passed things inside and that you’re releasing that out and making it better for yourself,because now you have it off your chest.The lyric “Step inside, see the devil in I” I think it’s about letting out the feelings,and telling them to someone who’s not having the same problems. The song from the band’s perspective, is about letting emotions out and forgetting the past.

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  • I have never really listened to a slipknot song, I just knew that they were pretty heavy metal in a way. I like the choice of song because it is a different genre than the songs we have had, but it still has a meaning to the song. I think that overall this song meant that this man has a ton of anger hidden inside and in this song the artist was able to let it all out.
  • I thought the song was about an person who got turned on by his boss, or coworker. Now he is getting revenge. Even if that revenge is just him screaming at him to release their rage. I got that from the lines "Undo these chains, my friend I'll show you the rage I've hidden", this one because, you act happy around your boss. The other lines are "Insatiates never even bother", "Step inside, see the Devil in I You'll realize I'm not your Devil", " Your station is abandoned Fooled you 'cause I know what you've done Sensation - Depravation You should've burned when you turned on everyone", and "You and I can't decide which of us was taken for granted"
  • This song is not my cup of tea, but that's just me. However, I can see the deeper meaning in the lyrics. I personally saw this as an internal struggle when it came to the devil inside. He seemed to be dealing with the past and looking for a different way to cope. I also noticed the God referenced as the father and talking about the will, as in Thy Will Be Done, and also perish the sacrament. Overall, I can see where the perspective is coming from with letting go of emotions and in a way coming out from behind a mask.
  • The thing I heard throughout the song is anger and revenge. The beginning had instrumentals and it was kinda of a scary tone and it gets soft once the lyrics start. I wasn't too fond of the screaming when he talks about the Devil -- and I noticed that he wrote the Devil in I instead of me from the beginning. I agree with Krysta with the I is something you can hold on to and make it more dramatic. I guessed this song was about a person that caused his anger. The tempo in the song changed quite a bit from stanza to stanza. He would be quiet, then the next minute, he is screaming out of anger. Overall, the meaning was kinda hard to interpret for me because of the Devil talk, but I think it was a good song choice.
  • For the song being very short it was hard to get a lot of information. The song was good at giving hidden meanings in parts of the song. The song was good at showing that he has a devil inside and is inviting her or whomever to step inside and see his devil. Love backwards is Evol. A devil is evol, is that what he is saying in one of his hidden messages? Good song choice.
  • I believe this song about religion. It seemed like it was about religion because it was making a lot of religious references, "something is tempting the father" and "Perish the Sacrament. Swallow, but nothing's forgiven." Perish the Sacrament being the wine you drink at church that represents the blood of Christ. At the beginning of the song I wasn't surprised when it was doing an introduction to the guitar and drums, but I was surprised when they started talking as I expected it to go straight into a louder voice. To me the song was a typical metal song, making references to religion, whilst keeping on the rage of hate towards something.
  • I thought this song was about a guy with a friend whom betrayed his trust and this is basically how he feels. For the "Swallow, but nothing's forgiven" I thought that he won't let go of what they did to him. "Step inside/ See the devil in I" I thought he was kind of saying like take a walk in my shoes before you complain about yours. "In between the lens in light, you're not what you seem" I thought he was like saying that it was a "fake friend" especially when the line before says "traded a lie for leverage." When is says "You should've burned when you turned on everyone" I thought he was saying like he was hurt that his friend turned on everyone but it shows him who they really are it just hurts. "See the devil in I" at the end I thought that he was meaning just look and see who I really am if you betray me
  • I have heard of this band because one they are from Iowa and two my cousin use to listen to it. While listening to this song I thought of it to be like a relationship song and that someone did something and that the other was letting the feelings come out and how it maybe gone, but he still remembers it. This comes from the first lyric stanza. Then like the whole You'll realize I'm not your devil anymore I thought of it as I'm not the bad guy in this relationship anymore. I think this because the Devil is suppose to be bad and everything. At the end I said that it is slowly dieing out so I thought like he was finally done with the other and now its over. I never would have thought William of bringing this song.
  • This song was different from what I listen to. I found it very weird with how high tempo it was starting off, then when he started singing it was almost soft. You could tell this song was wanting to show some revenge toward somebody that used to be close to him, well that's how I look at it anyways. I thought this song was about a father that left his family. I thought the father was very abusive and controlling and all he wanted was to let his anger out. He wasn't going to hold back anymore, he was going to let the devil inside of him out. "I'm not your devil anymore" I thought this was saying that he wasn't his child anymore, or he wasn't going to be controlled or hurt by him anymore. I personally haven't listened to slipknot, but this song isn't bad. I'm not sure if I love the screaming, but the lyrics had meaning to them. Good song choice.
  • This song shows a lot of emotion not only when he is screaming the lyrics but also through the words. The beginning of the song kind of reverses the typical male mask. Usually guys like to show how tough they are and like to let out their rage, but he is saying he has hidden it. The mask is still there though because he doesn't want to show any feelings at all, whether they are positive or negative. I liked that you choose this song because it is a lot different than most of the songs that are popular right now.
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