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We all probably watched shows on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon as kids. My favorites were Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, and a bunch of others. The shows back when we were younger were all creative and had original ideas. I've started looking at more Disney Channel shows when my niece stays at my house. All of these shows are basically about the same thing: a group of middle/high school age kids that are mainly set in their school. I miss when little kid writers actually had good ideas. I know if the kids are little enough, they won't care, but I don't wanna sit and watch five different tv shows in a row that are essentially about the same thing. What happened to all the good shows that were creative?

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  • I really miss all of the shows that we use to watch as kids. It would be nice if they had all of those show reruns on a separate channel so we could still watch them. The shows that they have now are really bad. I have seen a few different ones, and I honestly don't understand why someone would want to watch them.
  • I think they make a lot of shows like this not only because they know it is well liked, but also so it is relatable to an older audience as well. Even though these shows show high school or middle school kids, it is usually kids that are younger than this that are watching them. This also gives the younger kids a hope for their future and makes them feel older than they are.
  • I think that it became planned out more concise. Making it easier for the viewers to follow along and allowing the production cost to drop drastically. I don't know if this is fact, but I think it's true.
  • I know what you mean! I love the older shows that I used to watch. Now, I will be scrolling through and see shows on those channels based on drama and fighting. I feel like that's not something that should be promoted for kids to watch. I think the older shows are way better.
  • Look up Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls. All I am going to say.
  • I'm guessing they are found on other channels or via streaming. I will admit that my knowledge of children's programming is limited, but Disney in particular is notorious for essentially making the same show over and over. But remember that younger children in particular like repetition and sameness--it's often comforting to them.
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