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Does Bullying affect you?

When I think about bullying, I think about people in other schools that are teased everyday for their weight or what they look like. People may think its just a joke, but when people get teased sometimes it turns into bullying. You never see it coming, until your the little kid being pushed against lockers or someone knocking your homework out of your hands. When people bully, its usually because they are jealous and just have a boring enough live to make fun of someone. Some people may think bullying is funny but bullying is a serious matter. When I think about bullying, I think of an article I read for a class in like seventh grade. This article was about a little kid that was getting bullied because he was new and didn't have any friends when he got to his new school. There was one other person that was talking to this little boy when he got there, but this other little kid that he met was also getting bullied at this school from the same person. I don't know how people can just watch and not tell anyone. Cyber bullying is also a thing that needs to stop, because I think that cyber bullying is easier because some people are too scared to go up to someones face and tell them how they feel.

There may be a lot of nice people out there but when it comes down to bullying, nothing is done about it. People may say they weren't bullying, and that they were just playing around, but when someone tells another person that they are getting bullied. You should really believe them because the pain will probably get a lot worse because it got reported. When I was littler, I was teased a lot more than I am now. People are a lot more mature these days, because of things that happened in the past. Hopefully, the bullying everywhere has gone down a little because bullying is not except able anymore.


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  • We need you to connect bullying to the media for the purposes of our class blog. Bullying in itself is not a media literacy issue. Cyberbullying is, however.
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