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End of 2016

As this year comes to a close I thought it would be cool to watch the 2016 YouTube rewind video. This video features people and things that have been popular this year to make one big montage of all the different trends. It was interesting to see what they classified as ‘cool’ this year. Just for the fun of it I went back and watched 2015’s video as well, this made me realize how quickly some things cycle through the pyramid of cool. Most of the things that were in last years video are not even thought about anymore, let alone done. This makes me wonder how many of the things from this years video will stick and how many things will be considered out of style or old in just a few months. Before we had technology things didn’t cycle through as quickly because not everything was so easily spread around.

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  • I always watch these videos too and I get really annoyed because most of the "cool" things annoyed me very much. It's really interesting to see the things that intrigue people the most.
  • It's really cool that Youtube posts a video of the most popular things this year. Your point is very true. It's crazy how many things or people cycle in and out of being "cool".
  • There's a guy called "DJ Earworm" who puts together a mashup of the most popular pop songs each year.
  • You should attach a link so I can watch it. But I totally agree, and even with songs it amazes me. I watched like 2014 mashup songs and just a bunch of different years and it's crazy that those songs have died so fast and it was crazy to think that was a hit a couple years ago
  • I think it's crazy to see how fast things have changed just from last year. When I watched the 2015 video, I honestly thought some of the stuff shown had been trends longer ago than just a year. I think we easily forget how popular things were because they're replaced so fast.
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