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Facebook Live Torture Video

Over the past few days, the media have been going crazy over the video of an 18 year old white male, being tortured as someone had gone over Facebook, and used their new live function to video tape the torture unfold. Why I chose to blog about this, is that it involves race and politics. Why it involves race is that the people who recorded and tortured the 18 year old, were African American. Why they tortured him, could be about many things, but in the video, they say things like "F*** Donald Trump", or "F*** white people". That's also why I thinks it's about politics, because the results of the election, and how people are still angry about how it had turned out. The group that had done this to the young man, were charged with hate crime,a felony aggravated kidnapping,aggravated unlawful restraint,and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The group of people that had tortured him, were two males and two females. He had at least knew one from his school. I personally think, that this is wrong, no body should be taken like that, and then be tortured for many viewers to see. I think, that hate crimes are going to be more frequent than ever before, which is sad to say, because seeing how things have changed were hate crimes were the norm.

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  • The fact that this was shown on Facebook Live is crazy. That's definitely not what it was made for. They took advantage of technology to show their viewers that they were powerful. It was a faster way to make everyone see it. It was even before the news.
  • Why did they live stream it? That lead to them getting caught. It's stupid to torturer someone, but to live stream it is on a whole new level.
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