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Has anyone ever seen like the Facebook things that calculate like what your life will be like in 30 years, or who is your soul mate, or who is your best friend? They have like 100's of tests and obviously they aren't accurate but why do they even have them? They have it so you have to click on the link to get your response. Some will automatically post to your wall if you even click on it. I will be honest, I have tried a few of the tests before, and I did used to post them. The people that i get matched with are usually people I talk to the most on Facebook or the person I interact most with (like tagging in posts). Do they make those to get a rise out of people? Like so they are like "OMG I'm going to marry someone with the letter J?" you know what I mean? Some people actually believe those. I don't get why they even make them.  Here are some examples of what I mean.

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  • Maybe people use them when they are bored. These tests probably use who you talk to the most on facebook or have the most pictures with.
  • You do realize these quizzes exist so sites can see your data, right? They are just simple algorithms, and they are clickbait to get you to release your Facebook data even more widely.
  • I also find them really annoying and dumb. I used to do them yes and eventually I noticed it would be the same people. Mostly whom I talked to the most or tagged them in stuff the most and that's how I determined that they were just pointless. My cousin used to post them all the time (still does) and it just bothers the heck out of me because I think she actually believes that they are 100% true which they are by no means true at all.
  • I think these are really annoying. Like I have done a couple of them when I get bored, just to see who's name pops up. But I don't believe them. And I think that's exactly what other people do also, they just click on them out of curiosity, not because they are actually going to believe them.
  • I never used these until recently. I don't actually believe them, but sometimes I find them funny. For example, if I was to do one over who I would marry in the future and got matched with my crush, I would probably screenshot it and send it to them. That's the only reason I like these.
  • These annoy me a lot. Sometimes I'll get bored and do one, but I hate seeing them all over my news feed. However, there was one that I did about "where you'll be in 5 years" and it told me I'd be living in a cardboard box with my best friend. I'm not really sure how that will end up happening, plus 99.9% of the time, they're wrong anyway.
  • I find these things really annoying. They are just in the way of things I actually want to see. I'm not an avid user of Facebook but when I am on it a bunch of these will pop up. I agree that people believe those. I see a lot of people believe there horoscope things on there so why wouldn't they fall for these? People believe everything that is on the internet.
  • I see things all over Facebook and sometimes they can be funny, but most of the time they just get really annoying. This reminds me of the bias examples we talked about at the beginning of the semester. The more people click on it, the more money they get.
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