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So, Facebook has this thing for everyone's profile called year in review. For example, mine is "Jaycie's year in review".  I think it's really cool that facebook automatically makes these but why do they make them? For people like me to say "wow that's neat." or i don't even know. You can even edit the pictures that you put in the video. It tells you how many things that you've liked on facebook in this whole year of 2016. I think it's crazy that facebook automatically makes these things and they have one for every person with facebook. They also make birthday videos and such. 

Don't you think it's crazy that apps can do this? I looked at my video from year in review and it had pictures from january all the way up to now and it showed how many likes and comments were on them, I think that's so cool, but is there a reason for them making these besides getting people to think it's cool?

This is mine if you want an example. 

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  • I really think it's cool how facebook does that. There are some pictures I will totally forget about until I look at those videos facebook makes for me. I never post these videos, I just like to look at them.
  • After learning that people have teleport something. I don't find it surprising that Facebook can get the tech that would be able to do this, and this also helps them by giving them a easier for them to sell your information.
  • After I caved and activated my Facebook again, I watched my video. It was the first thing that popped up in my feed. It's a good way to catch the attention of Facebook users and keep them interested in the site.
  • I watched mine this morning. A lot of what was in there was from prom or from the beginning of the school year. I thought it was kind of dumb because those are events that I actually remember happening. I think it would be cool to see everything from a few years ago that I might not remember.
    • I agree, I just put the link on mine if you wanna see it
  • It's to increase your attachment to Facebook. Pre-made content for you to share with friends. More likes, more clicks, more time spent on the site=more data about the users to build a profile to advertise to and more data to sell to other companies.
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