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Fake Instagrams

I'm sure all of you have heard of the "finstas." If not, it's people who make fake Instagram accounts. I was kind of confused at first when people started creating these, and to be honest I still am. I can understand why a little bit, maybe on your old account there were people that you didn't want to be liking your posts or commenting rude things so you make a finsta so you can choose who follows you. I have seen some where people are posting just gross things about themselves, and even putting nudes on social media. Is this what it has really come down to? Having to make fake Instagram accounts so you can show your body off, say things you wouldn't normally say, or even bully on there. I have scrolled through twitter and some people make these accounts just to bully people. This upsets me so much. Why would someone take the time out of their day to make a fake Instagram account just to bully people? I am not saying that everyone does it, because not everyone does it, some just do it for fun or have a good reasoning. For the people that do it to try to get guys/girls, or to bully? I just don't understand. It seems as if social media is taking a different turn, and I don't really see this happening for the better. What happens when people start making fake Snapchat accounts and they send out bad pictures, or what happens when they make fake twitter accounts and bully people more than it's happening in the real accounts? I can definitely see this not going somewhere good. It's really sad that some people need to hide behind a device to bully someone. It just makes them even lesser of a person.

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  • I have had a spam account that I made just for fun, and some of my friends made one too. I only follow like four people and I only let a few people follow me. It was kind of a joke between us and we posted random things and joked on it all the time. I stopped using is at the end of summer because I started to lose interest in it, but it's still there. I don't really think that there is anything wrong with it because it was private and only a few people knew about it. I wouldn't like having a public account though that part of finstas are what I don't understand, but its kind of a "you do you" kind of thing.
  • I totally am on the same boat with you being confused with finstas. I thought they made sense if you didn't have people that follow your normal account, but I don't see the point in making one when you have all of the same people on it.
  • It's funny: I brought an article about the "Finstagram" phenomenon into Media Literacy class two semesters ago, and no one in the class had ever heard of them. Apparently now they reached Carroll's Instagram culture.

    I understand the idea to want to have an Instagram account that shows your "real life," rather than the perfect mask that most Instagram accounts have become. And I also understand wanting to limit those who can see your posts, but you can do that via other means

    I was just reading an analysis today that said if Twitter is to survive, it will have to eliminate the anonymous and fake accounts, thus greatly reducing the number of troll accounts. Sounds like Instagram might need to do the same.
  • This is definitely one of the cons of technology. People take advantage of it and hide behind a screen or fake name to feel power or control. It's crazy to me that someone could do this. It's actually getting pretty common.
  • People can still find out who you are even if you make a fake account. Especially if you are posting pictures, people will recognize that it is you. Also I don't have an Instagram, but if you have to put in a email address people will find you by that.
  • I'm kinda confused about the whole finsta thing to. Yes, I understand that people want to have a private account where only a selected few people can see what they are posting, but what is the satisfaction with this? Why just post random things especially when you have no one to show it to? Maybe people just use it as an outlet.
  • A lot of the ones from our school that I have seen have seemed to just be where they can post whatever they want and not having to follow the "instagram rules." I followed one from our school for a while, but I got so annoyed with the constant and irrelevant posting and posting their screenshots of texts and snapchats that I just unfollowed it. I can kind of see the motive behind it, but I still think it's a dumb concept.
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