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After talking about film shots and watching a movie and paying attention to them, I already can't view movies the same. I tried watching one of those really lame and cheesy horror movies on Netflix yesterday, but all I could think of was how choppy the cuts were. I kept paying attention to how they used different shots and most of their choices seemed to be the wrong choice or make it look even worse. I think that makes a lot of sense as to what makes us think a movie is "good" or "bad." Movies aren't just said to be good based on their plot or costumes, it takes the camera shots to make it interesting to watch too. After actually talking about it in class, it's a lot easier to analyze why a movie is more popular than others. When the shots are more choppy, the movie seems to drag on and lose focus. I even sat there and in my head went through which type of film shot they were doing. 

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  • SAME. Every movie or show I watch, I think about the camera angles, the lighting and the overall mood of the film. I didn't really notice all these things before and it's crazy how often films cut to the next clip or even use continuity editing!
  • I feel the same way! I can't enjoy movies without thinking of these things anymore! I tried to explain these things to my parents but they get really confused and have no idea what I'm talking about. But I'm glad I have learned these things.
  • I totally agree with this! I do this all the time too. I watch a decent amount of Netflix so I will watch the way they put the music in the background or how they use the lighting to create the "mood". I was watching the Office the other day and when the actor looks in the camera, and it zooms in quick makes me laugh. It's cool how certain shots can change your mood.
  • You're welcome.
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