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In life everyone wants to be happy. We wouldn’t do anything that purposely makes us unhappy, or would we? Does social media truly bring any happiness to us or is it just a waste of time? Studies have found that going through social media and seeing other people's happiness while you are alone can bring feelings of sadness to the viewer. This makes sense because if you see a bunch of people out having fun while you are laying in your bed alone you feel as though your life isn’t as good as other peoples. But when we are sitting at home by ourselves, anything looks better than what we are doing at that moment. The people's post that we see don’t necessarily have a better life than us but are just posting a picture of their best moments.

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  • Good point, Carlie. The more image-based apps are more likely to cause this. Instagram is probably the worst for making us envy others' lives.
  • I agree with this. Whenever I'm sick or out of town and I see my friends having fun I definitely get a bad case of FOMO. Although social media is cool because you can see what everyone else is up to, it also sucks seeing all of the fun other people are having fun when you're not there.
  • I think social media makes us more sad that anything. I often see my friends together and I'm like oh. Ouch. And then I loathe in self pity instead of trying to get out there.
  • I do this all of the time! If I know some of my friends are together I look at there snap chat stories to see what they are doing without me. Even if I didn't want to go I still feel really sad about it. I do this all of the time.
  • I actually just blogged about my social media use, and I haven't been using it as much as I use to. Mainly because I have been really busy, but I also can see how negative people are affected by social media. This is a really good point.
  • I have been in this situation. Even if you're sick on the weekend and you see your friends having fun without you, it sucks. I totally agree with what you said.
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