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Headphones and Homework

Are you the type of person to listen to music all of the time? Even when you are doing homework? It seems like a lot of people have been doing this for a long time.

Lately I have found myself listening to music while I do my homework. It use to be a distraction but lately is has helped me immensely. I have stayed more positive while doing homework that wouldn’t normally make me happy, and I feel as though I stay more focused as well. It eliminates all of the other distractions around me and helps my attention span when it comes to staying put until I finish something.

Music has some crazy effects on people, and when I think about it, it can be both positive and negative. It really depends on the music and how you are feeling that day. I think that personally it has had a personal effect on me when it comes to doing my work. 

What are your opinions on listening to music while doing your work?

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  • I've found that if I try to listen to music with lyrics, I'll end up singing along and getting distracted. I've learned that if I want to listen to music and do homework at the same time, listening to Lindsey Stirling helps because it's very upbeat but also doesn't have any words to sing along to. It helps me focus a lot more. It's different if I'm trying to clean; I think lyrics help me stay focused more. However, if it's homework, lyrics don't help me very much.
  • I sometimes do, sometimes to have background noise, sometimes to have music to give me energy to respond to all those Comp drafts. When I put my headphones on while I"m on my treadmill desk responding to student writing, I have a stronger focus than without the headphones.
  • I didn't listen to music while doing homework until this year. It does help me but they have to be the right songs playing. Like if a sad song comes on I can't really focus on my homework. I need upbeat music to focus on what I am doing. My opinion is that it does help me but a lot of times I get distracted by it.
  • I can listen to music if its just an assignment and if its on a source where I have to get up to change the song. The music itself can be anything that's on my playlist but if I haven't heard the song before that is when I have to stop what I'm doing to listen to it then I get distracted.
  • Whenever I find myself having to cram in a lot of homework in a short amount of time, I enjoy having music to listen to. I feel it makes me more productive in completing these tasks. I sometimes find myself listening to music when I need to read a book, I think the ambiance of having that noise makes it better for me.
  • I always have to listen to music while I'm doing my homework. I always find myself going to pandora though and switching stations all the time or thumbing up and down songs... Sometimes, if I have to write a paper, I can't listen to music because I focus on the words of the song and not on my paper.
  • It really depends for me. If my homework is really simple, I can easily listen to music and not be distracted. If I'm studying for a test or reading out of a textbook, I turn it off to focus.
  • I am the complete opposite. If I actually want to focus on something I can not have music playing because I get too distracted, but I can not work in complete silence either. I found that I usually will turn the tv on and put it on the news or a random channel so I don't pay a lot of attention to it.
  • I always listen to music while doing almost anything I work on. I love to have music playing in the background, but sometimes I get a little off task just trying to change the song and then I might go on social media and so my homework won't get finished.
  • I listen to music ALL the time, even during homework. I always quietly play my music playlists from my phone while I'm doing anything except reading. I can't read and listen to music because I get too confused. I think the music helps me feel less stressed about having work to do.
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