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Hell and Back- Kid Ink

I chose this song first because it was one of my favorite songs ever.  I use to listen to this song to get pumped up for every sporting event. Kid Ink has been one of my favorite artists ever. I have never really listened to the lyrics closely so I chose this song.  I also thought that it would be interesting on what some other people think this song is about.   

After researching a little on Kid Ink I found that he had a very rough childhood and this song it about how he went to “Hell and Back.”  Kid Ink started rapping at the age of 16 and this was one way he was able to stay out of trouble in downtown Los Angeles.  When the song says “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” this is talking about how the streets of Los Angeles made him stronger and  helped him learn and become a successful person as he is today. "it took a lil time, but can't really be upset," this means that he didn't become famous but he got to where he wanted to be and is not upset about it.  

In second rap verse Kid Ink has he talks about how he got to where he is today. When Kid Ink says "You only get one shot, keep your arm steady it doesn't actually mean with a gun, it means that you get one chance to get out of the place he lives to become a somebody instead of living on the streets. It says he is trying to make his own path and become successful growing up with nothing.   When it says "the heat is on, I fire back," this means that when something bad happens in life you need to over come it and fight back and get through it like he did.  

In the music video to this song, Kid Ink is walking around singing by himself in a run down area somewhere.  This represents the old place he use to live in and he is all dressed nice and has a watch on and nice shoes and this shows where he grew up and where he is at today. 

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  • I liked the song, and thought it told a good story about Kid inks life in the streets. He repeats that he's been through hell and back saying that I didn't give up so you shouldn't either. Defiantly a motivational song like most Rap songs are. The song repeats a lot of its verses to nail the thought of him being through hell and back and so can you. Good song choice.
  • I got that he had a bad start to life, but he was able to turn it around, and become a singer. I got that from the lines "Never had a chance so I had to go and make one", and "I've been through hell and back But I'm home, can't really complain when It's the life that I chose Sacrificed it all and everything that I owned Say "What doesn't kill me can only make me stronger". I thought he might be in a gang, that baled on him, and left the blame for what they did on him. I got that from the lines "Looking for a detour nowhere to be found When the pressure's on seems nobody's around".
  • This song is really inspiring because this guy had a rough childhood and he proved to people that he could become successful. People can't really help where they grow up because if thats where their family is thats usually where they stay. When you reach an older age you have more options and you could leave if you dont like where you are. Most people that live around these places want to leave their surroundings, but I would love to go back to where my childhood started. Even though I do visit my childhood farm for the scenery, I also go out there because thats where the rest of my family is. I'm sure that Kid Ink goes back to his childhood and see's his family or people that he cares about.
  • The song hell and back makes me think, about his life in LA and how he had come from a kid on the streets to a successful rapper. I take the song as he's talking to the people that have told him he can't do it or, that he can't rap that good when he was younger, boasting the success that he has be granted by making music. Overall, good song choice because, it has many references that we can take from the lessons we have learned in media lit.
  • Obviously Kid Ink comes from a different background than I did, coming from LA, but I still understand a lot of the things he's talking about when It pertains to making progress and staying on the right path. Referencing the line "What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger," Everyone has times In their lives where they have to push through some kind of struggle and they almost always come out of It better. You take the negatives of the situation and It either make you tougher or you learn something from It.
  • Songs that motivate you are always great to listen too. I have never heard this song before, but I actually liked it! I'm not a huge fan of rap but the song has a great message. I definitely agree the song is about picking yourself up when things get hard, and keep going. It reminded me of a quote I love "I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter then the fire around me." There are so many kids who have to grow up in these conditions, and when people who have suffered similar actions, can write a song about it and show the kids that there are people who have been through what you have and survived, I think it gives them hope that theres more to life then pain, anger, and fear.
  • I can relate to this song because I have been through a rough past, living in a big city. Then as I moved to the town where my family grew up in, I started to feel a little more safe. And I have a better life now because I am here. So when he talks about the city streets and he's moved up and became successful, I see where he's coming from. Overall, I really liked this song choice. It was very catchy! Everyone strives to become successful and this song kind of motivates listeners to do that.
  • When I think of rap, I think of songs that refer to their childhood while keeping a "manly" appearance. While I initially thought that this was about a revolution, it does make sense that this is about his trek through life so far. When I was thinking about Anarchy and revolution, I was looking at mainly the first page because it was the only thing I could keep up with, for the song. "Looking for a detour nowhere to be found" sounds like he is guerrilla fighting and doesn't have an escape route. "Where your lighters at?" I thought was a call out to his followers, or for him to show his amount of revolutionaries. It is really astonishing to me when I thought about revolution, but it was really about his path to stardom.
  • I use to listen to this song a lot when it first came out, because it was my brothers favorite. I can definitely see the aspect of having a hard life and overcoming it to the point of being successful. This song definitely seems like a pump up song for sports, and I feel that in that way, the struggle of working hard to get to where you want to be as a team and preparing for that shows through. I think that the chorus explained itself as far as going to hell and back but the part with the lighters, I took it as learning and working towards being the light in the world that everyone turns to. In the first rap section, I thought about what he was saying as the "no pain, no gain" type of aspect, because of what he went through to get to where he wanted. The same goes with the what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. This whole song kind of revolves around those two things and reaching for your goals in life and making the most of the opportunities given.
  • I really like this song first off, and I think this was a good song choice especially for a teenager. As teenagers we often hit a rough patch and even if we don't notice it, we get stronger and stronger every time we overcome something. I feel like I see most rappers as having a bad back ground or coming from a bad family and they start in a bad place, maybe even as a bad person, then learn from their past and want to be a better person, so they push to be better. It is true when it says "you only get one shot..." You do only get one shot at life and I think this applies to all sorts of bad decision making especially as a teenager. We are young so we want to act stupid and not care, but is that what is best for us? Do we want to start on drugs, and text and drive and drink and drive? Not saying all teens do this, even adults do this. But we need to look at life as precious and realize that it can get taken away from us at any moment and you just need to live to the fullest, and I think that's what this song was portraying.
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