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“I’m Not A Feminist, And That’s Okay.”

“I’m Not A Feminist, And That’s Okay.”

This was an article that I read on the Odyssey blog site, and I personally liked what it had to say. Here is a quick excerpt from the article that wraps up the thoughts of the girl who writes this.

I am not a feminist, and that is okay. I do not want the power that men are assumed to
have, and that is okay. I want to be a mom who takes care of her children and doesn’t
miss out on their lives. And that is okay.
It is okay to believe in traditionalist values. It is okay to believe in God and what He has taught us.

I honestly can somewhat agree with this view point. I think about society today and what everything has become from the viewpoints of women and men. Both are different and I think that this relates back to our gender unit, and how the world views both roles now compared to before. I didn’t agree with everything in the article, but it really got me thinking about the whole idea of not being a feminist.

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