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Is Netflix Controlling Our Social Lives?

Personally, I'm addicted to Netflix. I have watched many seasons and almost all of the horror movies on there. I recently decided to watch the Supernatural series, which happens to be like 11 seasons. I was only on season 1 when the school year started, now I am on season 8. Each season has around 21 episodes that are around 40 minutes. Now I'm not great at math, but that's a lot of time spent on watching a season. I find myself watching Netflix in study hall instead of doing my homework and then I'm swamped with work to do way late. I never spend time with my parents because I'm always in my room watching the season. When I do spend time with them, I'm watching American Horror Story with them. When I'm with my friends, we are watching movies on Netflix. I did not realize how much time Netflix actually takes up in my life. Is anyone else like this?

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  • I am the same way, honestly. Netflix controls my life I feel like. If I don't work or I don't have anything important, it's always Netflix. I finished stranger things in like 2 days. I feel more controlled by it because I look at the clock and it's 4 pm and I look again and it's like 10 at night. It's crazy
  • I FEEL YOU. I always watch Netflix, even when I'm not really supposed to. I just feel like it gives me something to look forward to instead of homework. And I rarely spend quality time with my family because either I am watching Netflix or when I am really busy with extra curricular activities and work. I think being able to go to work and activities helps with my social life. I also agree with not realizing how much time Netflix takes up in my life. It's so addicting though!!
    Well on the bright side, at least it's better than making bad decisions like drinking or doing drugs.
  • I don't have Netflix, and have not had it for a while, so I don't have this problem.
  • We are amusing ourselves to death. Also: Buy stock in Netflix.
  • I totally agree. I will find myself watching at least a couple episodes per day. I usually try to watch episodes once I am done doing homework, so by that time it's late. If I come across a really intense episode, I have to watch the next episode to see what happens next.
  • I can relate to this. I never really got THAT into Netflix until I started watching it every time I would hang out with friends. From this point on, I'm starting to become a little "addicted" to Netflix. When I begin to watch a show, I HAVE to see what happens next.
  • When I first got Netflix that is all I did but recently I haven't watched it that much. But now that break is starting I will probably spend my days in my bedroom watching it. I was addicted then I got off but I still watch it here and there.
  • You aren't the only one. Many students watch netflix during study hall, even during class I see students watch it. I tell myself at night that I'm only going to watch 1 episode of the show I am watching, but I end up watching 5 without even realizing it. It's crazy, I totally agree.
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