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It's My News and I Want It Now

It is no lie that most of our generation receives their information on social media. Whether it is global news or the Tiger Vision Twitter account posting daily Carroll High announcements, we like our news easily accessible and most importantly, current. We can post on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram in a matter of seconds, but this apparently wasn’t good enough. Just this last year, apps like Periscope have emerged where everything is live. After this app soared, the popular apps followed along in Twitter’s footsteps and now there are live Facebook videos along with live Instagram videos. This is because we like being as current as we can with everything that is going on. We are obsessed with being the first ones to know information and live videos feed us exactly that.

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  • Especially for our generation. We are the more "tech savvy" generation that always has to know what the new trend is. If something happens on a social media live stream and you're in the dark about it, there's going to be someone who saw it who is going to make a big deal about it -- it just happens.
  • I guess I have never thought about this before, because I don't hear much about Periscope or watch live videos. Although, I did notice that more people making live videos on Facebook. But I agree that many more people are so obsessed with wanting the latest news and gossip. The media makes it seem cool if you are the first to know about something. Then you can tell others about it who didn't know. Social media is always changing and upgrading.
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