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Just A Dream Song of the Day

I chose Just A Dream because I have been listening to it since it came out and I just love the song itself and any of them by Carrie Underwood.  I always just listen to music never really dig into what they mean. Now that I dug into the song, I found out more about some other songs by the singer and her song writer.

Carrie Underwood actually only co writes her songs. She has someone else write them and she just helps them out with them to give them an input on it. Hillary Lindsey, Carrie Underwood’s, song writer, thought it would be great to write a song about a girl getting ready for her wedding but then suddenly realize that she is getting ready for her husband's funeral.

Just a Dream" is a mid-tempo song backed by an acoustic guitar, drum kit, bass guitar and a string section . The song chronicles an 18-year-old woman going to the church in her wedding dress, with the listener believing she's going to her wedding. However, as the song goes on, it's revealed that she's actually going to the funeral of her husband, who was a soldier killed in action. During the funeral, she wishes that everything going on at the moment is all "just a dream." The woman is eventually given a folded up flag, which is only given to the next of kin, which includes spouse, blood relative or someone who has been granted permission by the courts to be their next of kin.

When I first listened to it I thought of it as a military type of wedding but then I caught on right away that it was talking about something else. All the way through the song it kind of gives you different feelings like one moment its like a wedding then the next it sounds like a funeral. It just a song for both of them until the end when you finally realize what it is about.


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  • I have heard this song and I think it was a good one to bring because there were two different things that people thought. I totally understand where your coming from when you say that you listen to the music but never really think about what it's about. I do that with almost every song I listen to weather it's a country song or any other song. I thought that 18 was kinda young to be getting married but I guess other people see it marriage in a different perspective.
  • I have heard this song before, but I have never really listened to the lyrics. It's really sad! I took it as a woman got married young because her boyfriend was to go off to the military soon, so they wanted to make it official. The next time she walked through those church doors was for his funeral. I think it's a good expression of how we never expect something so tragic to happen to us. It's different when it happens to someone else. She seemed in shock and in trauma after she found out her husband had died in the military. The song was very emotional and the music did a great job of playing with the feels of the lyrics too.
  • I really enjoy this song, but I feel that it doesn't have much of a deeper meaning then what the words are actually saying. As we talked about in class, the lyrics are sad enough, but they still add emotional music behind it to make us feel even more sad. It is interesting hearing who wrote the song because you would thing the singer would want to sing about something they themselves have gone through.
  • When the lyrics started, I interrupted them as a girl who was planning on getting married to her boyfriend who's in the military, she was waiting till she was 18. Maybe he was coming home soon, but then she received the news of his death. I thought since she wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but she never got the chance, so she wore her wedding dress to the funeral, as one last good bye to her almost husband. She is in a dream like state, she knows that he's gone, but the pain is unbearable, this is the only way she knows how to cope.
  • I've known this song for a long time now, and I've always known what it was about. I've always found it very sad, but it took a whole new meaning to me when I became very close with someone in the military. It really started to hit me that this is something that actually does happen, and something that could potentially happen to me. It always hits home for me, even more so now. I have an immense amount of respect for the military and military families because it takes a lot to put yourself through something like that.
  • This is a really sad song, and I thought it was pretty straight forward with the lyrics. Even in the first line I knew the song was going to deal about something with death. Most of the time a song or a movie wants to highlight a tragic incident in a young person's life they'll put their age. There was obviously an event because it states it was two weeks after her eighteenth birthday. I realized it was her husband's death later in the first stanza. This woman was really looking forward to having a life forever with him, but that was cut short. You could definitely tell the woman was heartbroken. The music in the background told the story more as well. Every time the chorus played there was more passion within Carrie's voice and the music playing behind her. I think this was a great song.
  • This is a good song and it really explains the solider funeral scenario well. The artist shows a lot of emotion when she gets to the second stanza. There is a lot of guitar throughout the song. This song does give you different feelings but mainly you are just sad or upset about it.
  • This is such a good song. I have heard it before and kind of already knew what it was about because a lot of her songs are self explanatory. I think this song was really touching to me because I have had grandparents and have cousins and uncles serving in the war, or have served in the war and it's a scary thing. You have to be really brave, and have a good mind set. I give props to all wives, husbands that let their loved on go over seas, I can't imagine how hard that must be. This song has a lot of meaning to it and I think the music goes along with the lyrics and doesn't over power the lyrics at all. I really like this song, and all of her songs for that matter because they have so much meaning to them. Great song choice.
  • I really like how you brought this song! I have always liked it and it always makes me sad. This song is about a girl that loses her husband in the war and does not want to accept that her husband is now gone. I really connect with this song because I remember sitting at my Great Grandpa's funeral when the shots went off. It really brought a lot of emotions to our family. This song really shows us how it feels to lose someone you love.
  • From the beginning of this song, I pretty much knew that it was about a wedding / funeral related topic. Dressing up in a veil, going into church, they all relate to that theme. My thoughts about what the song is based on changed though after the third verse. At first, I thought the song was about a wedding that lead to a divorce, but after hearing the lyric "then they handed her a folded flag", I pretty much knew what it was about from then on. As Torie said, the flag is only given to the spouse, blood relative or someone who has been given permission. From this, I can infer that the person she was singing about had to have been her husband. Overall, very emotional song that has a lot of background meaning.
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