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Just A Dream Song of the Day

I chose Just A Dream because I have been listening to it since it came out and I just love the song itself and any of them by Carrie Underwood.  I always just listen to music never really dig into what they mean. Now that I dug into the song, I found out more about some other songs by the singer and her song writer.

Carrie Underwood actually only co writes her songs. She has someone else write them and she just helps them out with them to give them an input on it. Hillary Lindsey, Carrie Underwood’s, song writer, thought it would be great to write a song about a girl getting ready for her wedding but then suddenly realize that she is getting ready for her husband's funeral.

Just a Dream" is a mid-tempo song backed by an acoustic guitar, drum kit, bass guitar and a string section . The song chronicles an 18-year-old woman going to the church in her wedding dress, with the listener believing she's going to her wedding. However, as the song goes on, it's revealed that she's actually going to the funeral of her husband, who was a soldier killed in action. During the funeral, she wishes that everything going on at the moment is all "just a dream." The woman is eventually given a folded up flag, which is only given to the next of kin, which includes spouse, blood relative or someone who has been granted permission by the courts to be their next of kin.

When I first listened to it I thought of it as a military type of wedding but then I caught on right away that it was talking about something else. All the way through the song it kind of gives you different feelings like one moment its like a wedding then the next it sounds like a funeral. It just a song for both of them until the end when you finally realize what it is about.


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  • This is the first time I have ever heard this song and after listening to it closly and thinking about the lyrics the song is pretty easy to know the meaning. After the first stanza I thought that she was on her way to the wedding and then just found out about her fiance who has been killed at war, but after Tori said now I can see how they kind of put those together because of how fast it happened how they just got married and then she was already going back to the church for his funeral. When it says, "Everybody's saying, he's not coming home now" I read that like he was killed overseas, but she doesn't want to believe it because she then says this is just a dream.
  • I got that it was about her husband, or soon to be husband dyeing in the military. It did not really try to hide that. With lines like "Baby, why'd you leave me, why'd you have to go I was counting on forever, now I'll never know I can't even breathe It's like I'm looking from a distance, Standing in the background Everybody's saying, he's not coming home now", and "The preacher man said let us bow our heads and pray Lord please lift his soul and heal this hurt". I can also see how they were already married by these lines with past tense word "It was two weeks after the day she turned eighteen All dressed in white, going to the church that night She had his box of letters in the passenger seat Sixpence in her shoe Something borrowed, something blue".
  • When the lyrics started, I interrupted them as a girl who was planning on getting married to her boyfriend who's in the military, she was waiting till she was 18. Maybe he was coming home soon, but then she received the news of his death. I thought since she wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, but she never got the chance, so she wore her wedding dress to the funeral, as one last good bye to her almost husband. She is in a dream like state, she knows that he's gone, but the pain is unbearable, this is the only way she knows how to cope.
  • I don't listen to country that much because I usually tend to dislike it. Songs like this are meant to be sad and to bring you down or realize that could happen to you. Which is weird why people would like a song that brings you down and makes you sad. The song was well written and did it's job of making someone cry. The song was self explanatory and was easy to find out what was going on. Good song choice.
  • This song reminded me of my uncle, Bill Croghan. He was a sheriff, who passed away not too long ago. And his wife was handed a flag at the funeral -- as said in the lyrics. I knew that the two in the song had to be married, because otherwise they wouldn't give the flag to her if she wasn't his spouse. At first I thought it could have been a dream, but I realized she go very emotional and her voice became really high towards the end. I could also hear the guitar through out the song and the orchestra in the outro. I could just hear her pain in her voice and how much she wish it were a dream. I think the song was pretty much explanatory. I really liked the song, although I'm not a huge fan of country. But it's hard not to like Carrie Underwood's songs.
  • I thought the song did a very good job at wrapping everything together into one package. From chronically telling the story of the girl to expressing the emotions throughout the song. The only confusing part to me was how it was going from different perspectives. In the first stanza it had said "She had his box of letters in the passenger seat", but in the second stanza it had gone to "Baby, why'd you leave me,". I had initially thought that the he/she perspective was of the husband's ghost, but I ruled it out from the "She had his box of" as it was saying "his" and not "mine". All in all, I thought this song was excellent.
  • I thought this song was like before the wedding she just go signed off to get the flag because they were engaged and he'd want her to have it. When the part "she heard the trumpets from the military band" I knew it was a funeral for someone who died and they were in survive or had served. My uncle was in the Navy when he broke his back and got discharged and then later died from pancreatitis. This song really touched me because of having to go to a military funeral... They played the bag pipes at my uncles funeral. I have never herd this song before but it is very touching. At the part where is says "and then guns rang one last shot and it felt like a bullet in her heart" I could relate to that. When the last shot rang out at my uncles funeral it did feel like you had been shot in the heart... He was really gone and it was something my family and I had to accept. I think the reason this touched me so much as well is a week before my uncle passed he wanted to adopt me but the court date was the day of his funeral, so I know what it feels like to lose someone and it just feel like a dream...
  • This song, I instantly knew that it was about a military bride/wife, because she had the box of letters that he could've sent to her while over seas. The second clue, is that when she opened up the doors, the band had started to play and that is common for military weddings. The next part, is a funeral for her husband,because he had been killed in the war,and they're burying him and giving the wife a flag for her husband's service,and giving the 21 gun salute that is a custom for military funerals.
  • I really liked your song choice and the meaning behind it. How it starts off with their wedding day, but then switches over to his funeral. The girl doesn't want to accept the fact that he is really gone, because if she did, all of the pain would come rushing in more than it has, and I don't think she could handle it. It seems to be like they didn't have a whole lot of time together by the time he went overseas. I like that you pointed out the flag, because that proved that they were married and I also feel like that is a really emotional part of the song. The last thing I will point out is the gun shots at the funeral, because that metaphorically shows the pain that is heavy on her chest and that ring of the guns really affects you. I have experienced it before and it's not easy to experience. This was a really good song choice with the lyrics and the musical aspect adding more emotion to the song.
  • I can kind of relate to how this girl feels. I've never lost a spouse, but I have had moments where reality just doesn't quite hit. Where you're kind of just blown away and unable to comprehend or understand what's happened. You know what happened, but it's like your watching someone else. It's an odd feeling and not something most are accustomed to, but it happens.
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