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Over Christmas, I was visiting my sister and her family. She has three kids, two of which are three and five years old. I was completely shocked when I saw just how much technology my nieces knew how to use. The first day I was there, my oldest niece wanted to play her new Zelda game with me. In order to go through the game you have to talk to people on it. She couldn’t read anything that was on the screen yet she knew how to turn on the game and play it. Later on she wanted to play Super Smash Bros with her dad, my brother, and I. Although I don’t like to admit it, my niece destroyed us multiple times. This little girl has been alive for five years and knew the xbox controller like the back of her hand. My other little niece didn’t really do too much the whole time I was there. She just liked to watch movies and TV shows which included Powerpuff Girls and Dora. She would watch episode after episode. Compared to when I was a kid, I would be outside a lot of the time. I would spend hours upon hours on the trampoline or on scooters with my neighbors. I knew technology was being used more by younger kids, but I guess I was a little shocked with just how much kids knew about it.  

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  • In a matter of a minute my niece watched my brother swipe away a notification and play a song when it was pause and a few seconds later she did the same exact thing. She is a few months away from being two. It is crazy how fast kids can catch on to using technology.
  • I feel like most of the time my little cousins know more about technology than I even do. They will use text lingo and I will ask what it means and they literally act like I'm 80. It's so weird to me that their parents let them use technology that young.
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