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Yesterday when we were in 9th hour and we were watching the video of the guy with the list doing random acts of kindness for people I was quietly sitting in the back of the room watching and eventually after the video got over we had to make note cards. Before we had made our note cards almost all of the kids in my advisory were making fun of the random act of kindness going to their friend and saying something like "you need a hug today" very sarcastically. That personally made me very upset because I'm not the type of person that has been very blessed throughout their life and a couple weeks ago some gave me a random act of kindness. I was supposed to have gotten money put in my account from my dad. I went to the gas station to fill up to $20 not that much right. Anyway my card wouldn't work and there was a guy behind me... I called my dad frantic that my card wouldn't work and he didn't know what to do because he lives away from here. I then called my mom and she had said she was at work and would be able to make it on her lunch which would be in an hour but I had to be at an interview for another job. The man behind me herd all of this and as I was sitting in the car looking for my moms check book that she had left in there he had paid for it. I went back in and asked the lady if I could use a check and she said the man that just walked out paid for you. I started to get all worked up because when something like this happenes to you it just tugs at your heart. I ran out of the gas station as he was getting in his car and asked him for a hug the only thing he said to me was "just pay it forward" and smiled 

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  • I wish stuff like this happened more often. It would be such a better world. I see a lot of "Pay it Forward" things go around during Christmas time. I think it should be an all year thing. I also hear people mock it often, but I'm sure if they were ever in a situation like you were that they would finally understand.
  • This is awesome. I personally liked the video we watched, because it had a feel good vibe to it. I think that it's really important to pay it forward, and not only is it nice to receive, but it's also really good to give. It's rewarding and there is nothing bad that can come from paying it forward. This was a really cool experience and inspiring too!
  • That's an awesome story. I hate when people make fun of it too because there's so much hate in the world. I wish everyone would realize this.
  • Omg. I'm so glad you shared this. That is so thoughtful of that man to do that for you! And I agree, those kind of things just tug at your heart. It's like, "no way, they really did that for me?! Bless their heart." Your story makes me so happy, yet the sarcasm of the students made me mad. They don't get that many people don't get random acts of kindness. Obviously those who joked around take kindness for granted. I loved the video that we watched in advisory. Thanks for sharing, Shyla!
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