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Lacking Professionalism in the Workplace

Communication has changed greatly overall in the last couple years because of the increase of social media. Years ago if you wanted to contact somebody you would call them or email them. Now there are so many different ways of communication and the question arises of what is and isn’t professional. I work at a daycare in Carroll and our calling in policy is we have to call our boss, no texting or emailing. While this rule is put in place I still find myself having most of my conversations with my boss over text message. Although there are rules put in with calling in we don’t have rules for other communication. It also is questionable when talking to coworkers. In my case I am closer with some coworkers than I am others. For one person I could not image texting them but another I have them added on Facebook, Snapchat and we text. The line of professionalism has changed through time and I question what it will be like in a couple years. I was just curious to see what everyone else does at their workplace and what they do and don't consider professional or acceptable. 

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