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Before I had a smartphone, I had a laptop. I used it ALL the time for music, Facebook, games, and homework. I used to be on it all day every day. As soon as I was given a smartphone, my laptop was of no use to me anymore. Everything I could do on my laptop, I could now do on my phone but 10 times faster AND now I could Snapchat. I think of it now and it's kinda weird to think how laptops were the thing to have there for a while, but now I only see people really use them for school things. It kinda makes me sad that now it's like a waste of money just sitting in my room not getting any use. My parents told me they were going to buy me a new one for college, but them they realized I pretty much can do everything on my phone now. It's weird how fast things like that change, but that's how they get our money. They have to keep replacing the old stuff with new things to make people keep upgrading. 

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  • I'm the complete opposite personally. Sure I have my phone, but there are always going to be things to do on a laptop that you can't on a phone. The convenience of having a laptop is so nice when it comes to school, but there's also various other things to do with a laptop that you cant with a phone, ex: playing games.
  • I've been having this same inner conflict lately. I have enough money to buy a laptop and replace the crappy chromebook (alliteration not intended), but the more I think about it, the only thing I really would use it for is school, and I already have a laptop supplied to me for free. Any use I would have for it outside of school, I can already do with my phone. I don't really see a need in buying one anymore.
  • When I was younger I had an Ipad before I even got a regualar phone and I used it all the time. I was little so I dropped it a lot and it broke so I got an Ipad for christmas this year because I always used it before it broke . I only got my Ipad mini for like wrestling meets. When we have away meets I listen to music and look at stuff on the way there. Meets are all day so I find it really handy to use my Ipad instead of my phone.
  • I've thought about this once in awhile. I have an iPad that I had before I got an iPhone and now it just collects dust. I also feel bad that I don't use it anymore and I also wonder why I bought it in the first place. Also, phones are only made to last 1-2 years so then we have to buy new ones. It would be great if we could have 1 phone forever that actually worked.
  • Dominic brings up a good point. Products are made not only to fail, but to fade from the cool cycle. The fancy name is "planned obsolescence."

    After I purchased a Macbook Air last summer, I do not use my iPad at all. I just thought about that yesterday as I noticed it sitting on the table. I literally cannot remember the last time I even turned it on.
  • I had the same issue a couple years ago. I didn't really mind it that much because my laptop was junk but I did use to use just my home computer a lot. I used it for games, and all of the social media that I had. Also, when my phone breaks I tend to just use a computer or laptop. It's kind of sad that we can't get away from technology no matter how hard we try
  • They also make it so the products will fail on purpose just so we buy more. Like light bulb they where able to last for lifetimes, but light bulb companies down graded so we would buy more.
  • Your last sentence is so true. I agree, I used to use my laptop for EVERYTHING. Even if I want to check google classroom or check my grades out, I can do that with pressing a few buttons on my phone since there are apps for that. I wonder if the smart phone is going to keep being the piece of technology to have or if something will replace it in the near future.
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