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Life Without TV

My family only has satellite for TV so that means that we only have 6 channels that we can get with a antenna. We don't watch that much TV as a family because we are rarely home, but if we are home the TV is always on to at least watch the news or for background noise. The wind storm Monday night broke our antenna. We didn't have TV for two days and it felt really strange. The house seemed so silent and lonely and my parents were freaking out because we couldn't watch the weather. It wasn't a huge change in our lives because we barely watched TV but it still felt really uncomfortable. I didn't think that I was addicted to TV, but I can say that I was.

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  • I couldn't tell you the last time that I sat down and watched something on an actual TV channel. I still watch TV shows, but they are all on Netflix so I watch them on my phone or computer usually. I always tell my mom that we don't need all of the channels that we have, but for some reason she still keeps them. My house is like yours where even if there is nobody watching the TV, it is still on for background noise.
  • I can see how that must have been a change for you and your family. Personally I don't watch that much TV. I watch Netflix more than anything, but if that was taken away from me I know it would feel weird for me too.
  • I hardly actually watch TV, but I definitely use it as background noise or for light. Almost every room in our house, other than the bathrooms and kitchen, have a TV. It would be weird to be without them.
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