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I had recently watched the movie, "Love, Rosie." The two main characters are Lily Collins and Ben Claflin. Ben Claflin is also from the movie, "Me Before You" in case you aren't aware of who he is. Anyway, I watched this movie on Amazon Prime and it was awesome! -- for the most part. It is a love story -- which I love, but it just has too many obstacles in the way! I love action movies, superhero movies, and of course, chick flicks. 

The reason I watched it is because my sister demanded me to. I LOVE Ben Claflin, so I immediately did as I was told. I watched it. The thing that gets on my nerves is when the two people that are meant to be together keep missing each other. The two characters have been friends since they were five and are soulmates. But it's always the wrong time. Either the guy had a girlfriend or the girl had a boyfriend. At one point she even had a husband and the other male character had been engaged to a different gal. Like, what the heck! It happened at least 4 times when the timing was just not quite right. And then he moved to go to school and then he came back after five years and then he finds something out about her and then she finds something out about him and then they're both mad at each other but then they love each other and so on. There's almost too much that's happening. Sorry, that's the end of the rant. Everyone besides them know that they love each other and they are too dumb to notice! Why do movies so that? Honestly, it pushes my buttons. I just really hate when movies do that, but then I end up loving it in the end.

I really suggest watching the movie but be patient because a lot goes on!

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