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Mannequin Challenge

I'm pretty sure that all of you know what the mannequin challenge is, right? Anyways, for those of you that know, think of how fast this trend blew up. It all starts from just a random person doing it, and people think it's cool so it keeps going and eventually is super popular. (pyramid of cool) I don't know how the song got put with it, I'm pretty sure that it was a random song and people just thought it was the trend. It's crazy that it's so blown up now. I'm writing this as we are talking in class and how we will do it in the whole school? That would be cool, but why? Why is this such a trend now? Does anyone think it will go away soon?

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  • I think that the Mannequin Challenge is declining in popularity, but I think that it will be dropped soon.
  • Virality has a lot to do with "kairos," the rhetoric of timing we've been analyzing in Comp class. And the mannequin challenge is relatively easy, at least compared the choreography required for some of the other similar challenges. Plus: Everybody thirsty for those likes.
  • I think it will go away soon. I'm already hearing about it less and less and seeing less videos of it.
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