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Labels are a big part of the media world these days, and they continue to change and shape the media, and the people who use it. In school different groups have different labels, and I feel like this runs onto the media when it comes to who you interact with on different sites. You comment on certain people's post that are your friends, either joking with them or complimenting them, but labels start really showing in the things you post. Posting a selfie could create the opportunity to be labeled as a basic white girl, or even posting your food that you’re eating (because if you didn’t post about it you didn’t really eat it). Then if you post things that you are interested from sports to video games, the labels could be as different as jock or nerd. I’m sure that there are other examples that portray the media labels, but those are two quick ones that came to mind. Let me know what examples came to your mind.

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  • I post a wide variety of things, and I don't care how people label me. That's a virtue of being old. I'm very glad I didn't have to deal with the online labeling when I was your age.
  • I agree with Mariah; social media has made labels worse. It makes it easier to "classify" people into these groups.
  • Social media has made labels worse. I feel like the stereotype of outcast is posting about your animals, family, or anything else that doesn't have to do with kids your age.
  • Labels are really bad right now. For example, (this never happened but bare with me) if I was to post a picture of myself at an NFL game, it would be ignored because it doesn't fit the stereotype. I could post pictures like this all the time, but as soon as I post ONE picture of myself at Starbucks, all of the comments come in of "what a typical white girl." It's an odd concept to me.
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