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MTV snapchat story

On the MTV snapchat article, the headlining story is "Bikini Babes Who'll Def Heat Up Your Winter." I feel like this definitely shows the gender stereotypes and the gender objectification because they know they will get guys to open it and look at it. They know this will get them money because the more people they get to click on the article, the more money MTV will get. They're objectifying women and showing them as sex objects to get more money for the company. I think this is something that needs to stop because there are other ways to get money without objectifying a certain gender. I don't think that has anything to do with "music television."

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  • There are more and more of these kind of articles being posted on sites and it really makes me mad. There's no reason for them to post this other then them getting more money from this.
  • I hate seeing stuff like this on my media honestly. I find it very degrading whether it's men or women. However, I'm a little bit of a hypocrite with this. I follow an account on Instagram that literally just posts pictures of "hot" guys all day..
  • Although I totally agree with your point that they are objectifying women, I think that they could and do do the same thing for men. A lot of the time it is women in bikinis but they do also show guys in swim trunks with seemingly perfectly sculpted abs. We usually think of how seeing girls in bikinis makes normal girls have a low self esteem but guys probably don't feel great about themselves either when they see guys that are extremely muscular or fit on these apps.
  • MTV is definitely using that as clickbait to get more viewers. It's really sad because all they think about is money when really it is also evolving stereotypes.
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