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Lately as I've been going through my playlists on Spotify and Youtube, I'm realizing a lot of what the artists are talking about are very relevant to life and the media. I don't expect anyone to listen to it, but if anyone actually does, Turn Off the Radio by A Day to Remember (be warned: it's fairly heavy and contains screaming) is really relevant to the media because it talks about literally turning off the radio, the tv, or your phones, and paying attention to what's going on around you. This came in a close second for my song of the day several months ago, but I decided not to due to the screaming factor. "Turn off the radio until they've got something real to say" is especially relevant because the media constantly talks about things that aren't really important to the world we live in. If anyone is interested in listening or reading the lyrics, I'll leave both of the links. 



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  • I LOVE this song! I never really actually paid attention to the meaning until now. I can defintely see how this fits in with the media. It is especially accurate for the amount of technology used for pointless things today. (Kardashians)
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