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I am a huge Netflix watcher, I like any kind of shows and movies, right now though I am hooked on Shameless. It is a great series to watch although it can be very intense at times. I noticed though that scrolling through my Facebook feed or Instagram I see a lot of posts about the characters and the show. It kind of takes me into the whole "cool" cycle because someone made the series, someone really "cool" started posting and watching it, then the early adopters were kids my age who got into it; I remember I started posting about it on social media and I had like three other people start watching it because of me and they really liked it, and the consumers is all the posts about Shameless on social media, and the laggards are people who don't like it or don't care. Honestly think that Netflix is taking over my life but I can't help but click "next episode" every time. 

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  • Did you see Molly's post about the same show? Read it, and read my response to her.
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