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I know I'm kind of late with this, but I just got my own Netflix like two weeks ago. I've always used someone else's but I just wanted the feeling to call it my own. Anyways, I have finished like 2 whole seasons of a show already. Is that normal? I've never known how addicting it was to just always have it at your fingertips. I wonder if everyone had Netflix then what would all shut down? Theaters? RedBox?

Netflix makes so much money though. Will movie theaters and RedBox type things go out of business? I used to always rely on Red Box and movie theaters but now with Netflix, I don't need to worry about it. I just wondered if those things would go out of business since we have Netflix.

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  • I don't believe Netflix will make other businesses go out of business because there is still that level of enjoyment actually going to a theater to watch a movie. Netflix, though it has tons of movies / shows etc... there are still many new movies or episodes that they haven't released.
  • I don't think that other businesses will go out of business because Netflix only like streams really really popular shows. They also take forever to get the movies out if they even do put them out on Netflix, whereas RedBox has them out within like 3 months.
  • You just got Netflix? Laggard becomes a consumer.

    Netflix (and other streaming services), as some of your classmates mention, has/is radically changing the business of entertainment. Cable companies and satellite companies are adjusting their offerings as more viewers realize they are wasting money on multi-channel packages when they mostly stream.

    Live sporting events were what these companies were counting on to keep subscribers, but even the NFL is experiencing a large decline in viewers.

    Movie theaters will be fine, at least for now, but we have already seen a shift in the kinds of movies that get made and distributed widely: more and more are the superhero/blockbuster types, as more and more of the serious and independent filmmakers shift to streaming options.
  • This is extremely normal! I definitely think businesses will go out because of netflix. My parents are thinking of limiting the channels we have on our TV just because we watch netflix for entertainment and not the shows on TV.
  • Theaters will probably not die for at least not for a while, because they are the first place you can see the movie. As for Red Box if it still gets founded by McDonalds they wont die. As for watching 2 seasons in two week depending on how many episodes there are in one season it in not that odd.
  • I feel like i'm on Netflix more then I watch television now. I literally have watched like 4 episodes on average everyday this past year. I think it is normal for you to watch a ton of Netflix especially if you just got it. I think that it won't take those other things out of business, but it may take some out of the amazon prime and things that are similar to netflix.
  • I don't think that any businesses are greatly affected by Netflix. They do their own thing that is different then the others. Redbox has newer movies than Netflix and You can't go wrong with watching a movie in theaters. I think all of the different businesses that you talked about are doing well for themselves, because they all have something different going for them. I agree that the binge watching aspect of it all is definitely an addiction that many have, but I don't blame anyone. I love watching my favorite shows and not having to wait a week to see the next episode. So enjoy your binge watching and know that you don't have to feel guilty for doing what most people do when they watch Netflix.
  • It is very normal. I got mine for Christmas and I spent the whole Christmas break watching movies. I think it may put the movie theaters out of business but then they would have to get new movies on there and not just older ones that have been around awhile.
  • You finally got a Netflix account?! Anyway, I agree with Saraya. I don't think other businesses will go out of business because Netflix. Netflix has movies, but doesn't premiere big new movies like "Star Wars" or anything like that like theaters do. Red-box also has a different variety of movies than Netflix does also. I like that we can choose from a variety of things to watch movies and shows from.
  • It's totally normal! I get through 2 seasons in a day sometimes! I don't think other businesses will go out of business because Netflix doesn't have a lot of the wanted shows or movies.
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