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Newark Airport Technology

To end out my 2016 and begin my 2017, I was out of state in New Jersey to visit some lifting friends. Newark airport is the one that is in New Jersey. Coming off of my flight and heading out to baggage claim I noticed something very odd. The restaurants had an iPad at every table. This is where your food can be ordered. I didn’t get to try this out myself, but I assume you can go on other apps as well. In a store in the airport, they had self checkout stations. There was usually one employee working in one of the stores monitoring. Just think how many more employees there would be if it wasn’t for all of the technology. I decided to look up some research on eventually how many jobs will be taken over with new technologies. A lot of articles popped up saying how robots would eventually take over jobs, but create new ones for us. In the article I linked below, it states that robots will replace five million jobs by 2020. It says there has been “developments in genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, and biotechnology.”  I wonder if most humans will accept this idea or if this will be a huge problem for upcoming years.

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  • I always picture our lives turning into something like the movie Wall-E when I see things like this. I wonder what life will be like in ten or fifteen years. With the technology that we have today robots can take over most jobs.
  • I could definitely see this becoming a future problem. I think technology is great and all, but doing stuff like that is taking it a little too far. There's no reason an actual person can't take an order.
  • With robots doing jobs there will be a need for people to keep up maintenance on those robots, and there will be people to make them as well, or at least help.
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