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No More Stereotypes

On Buzzfeed I read this article called, “Hijab-Wearing Teen Hopes To Break Stereotypes, Win Miss Minnesota USA” by Talal Ansari. The article is about this teenage Somali-American girl who participated and won in a pageant and wore a burkini on her head. Her name is Halima Aden, who will be competing at the 2017 Miss competition. Aden has never done anything like this before, but she wanted to make people to break the stereotype of Muslim-Americans, Somali-Americans and Muslim women. People tend to think all Muslims are terrorists and that is untrue. She told the TV station, “I think part of the problem is they’re not interacting with people who are Somali.” She wanted to make a difference by making people aware that they are not all the same. We constantly stereotype people. Mostly, out of habit. But if it goes further, its prejudice and after that, it’s discrimination. She thinks that everyone is beautiful and we should all embrace it. I just thought this was a great article and wanted to share this with you guys. Halima Aden’s favorite subject is history and she for sure made history at the pageant!

Source: Hijab-Wearing Teen Hopes To Break Stereotype

 P.S. sorry about all the Buzzfeed blogs, I just find the articles interesting and want to share them!

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