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"Nosedive" Black Mirror S3 E1

I was sick for about three days this break, and there are only so many tv shows or homework you can do before you get bored. I heard that the show Black Mirror was really good. The episodes are different from each other with a different cast and different plot, but all of the shows surround new technologies and their consequences. The first episode I watched was called ‘Nosedive’. It was basically how you can rate people based on pictures they put up on social media and with new technology, you can rate someone out of 5 based on your interactions with them. Everyone can see your rating, and your social rankings depend on it. I’m pretty sure 2.5 is considered lower class. In the episode it shows how the main character (a 4.2) is looking at an apartment she can’t afford, but the realtor said she could get a discount and would be willing to work with her only if she had a 4.5 rating. On the show it looked like the more fake you were, the more able you were to get a 5 star. You had to look/act like you had the perfect life. I believe this episode relates on a smaller scale to what society is like right now. If you were sucking up to someone, hopefully they would give you a 5 point rating in their head. Maybe they would even give you a follow on instagram or twitter. Like I’ve said in many posts before, social media gives us this “perfect” look on our life that we really don’t have.

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  • This is a really weird way to look at society, but it's also kinda true.
  • This is super deep. I also feel like this is how life really is. Everyone is constantly being judged whether we get actual ratings or not.
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