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Obama's Social Media Archive

I had recently seen an article online that I found to be very interesting. Not very long ago if we wanted to hear something from the president, you would have to listen to the news, watch on TV or go to see them in person at a rally--but not we have social media. In the last election social media played a huge role in not only the campaigning itself, but also the opinions that people had on the two candidates. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were known for their activeness on social media, specifically twitter. The @POTUS or President Of The United States Twitter account will be wiped clean and passed over to Donald Trump. The question has come up of whether Trump will dump his 19.3 million follows on his personal account for the hand-me-down account that only has 13.1 million followers. I personally think that he will end up using both accounts or his administration will run one of the accounts. Although Obama’s tweets will be scrubbed clean from the account, they will not be gone forever. Obama’s administration just recently launched a searchable archive of all of Obama’s social media post. This shows how important social media is to us getting our news.

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