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Objectifications with Likes

I have noticed a pattern on all of my social media accounts. I never really noticed it until we discussed objectification in class. Women are often objectified as sex objects and men are often objectified for financial status or having muscles. On Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter I see this having a huge impact. On Facebook I am friends with girls who will post selfies (obviously). When their picture is with a friend, family members, or of just their face, it gets less like. Yet, the same person can post a picture of them in a mirror wearing more revealing clothes and the likes almost triple. It's not just with one person, I see this with all of my friends that have posted different pictures like these. I also noticed that the likes from the first picture would be mostly females liking it, and the second one would be a male majority. Then, those girls start posting more pictures like that for more likes. That is how they start self-objectification. 

It's the same way for males. If a male posts a picture of just his face, it barely gets any likes and his male friends start making fun of him for having a selfie. But when he posts a picture of him shirtless with a fit body, the likes go way up and females start commenting on the picture. Even male friends like the picture, but still rag on the guy a little bit. When a guy posts a picture with the brand new and expensive car they got, the likes go even more up. Men comment and like the picture and don't make fun of the guy. Women do the same. I think this shows that men are often seen as objects too. After being made fun of for their selfies, more of their pictures turn into ones with their cars or sports or gym. 

It's sad that we fall for thinking we are only good as these objects. 

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  • This is great application of what we've discussed, Saraya.

    It also explains why I receive so few likes on my Instagram posts.
  • I've noticed this too. Since I follow a lot of weightlifters, I look at the amount of views a lifting video gets. Most of the time if a girl or is wearing less revealing clothes while lifting, they will get more views. Obviously the amount of weight on the bar counts too, but a lot of people pay attention to more of the attractive lifters.
  • I see this on all of my social media accounts too and it's really sad.
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