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One Dance Drake

Drake was born to a mixed race couple in Canada in 1986. He was first made popular by being on the TV show Degrassi. In 2006, he started making a lot of mixed tapes of his raps and signed a record deal in 2009. His first main hit songs were “Take Care”, “Best I Ever Had”, etc. Drake grew up with music in his blood. His father was a drummer, and his mother says that she comes from a family that is very “musical”. While Drake was still staring in Degrassi, he started to begin transitioning into the world of hip-hop music and as you can tell, it is going really well. I first chose this artist because his story is so unique. He went from being a TV star, to a Hip-hop sensation. It’s just really cool.

I chose this song because obviously I like the song, but also because nobody knows the deeper part to the song. Everyone has always thought that this song was a lit pop song about dancing, but it’s more than that. First of all, for those of you that don’t know what Henessy is, it’s a kind of liquor. He refers to this a lot in the song.

 "One Dance" is a song about relationships, love, and, yeah, probably sex. The first verse up until “I pray, I pray” Things start off fast, because Drake does not play. Even when the streets are not safe, he never runs away, and even when he is away OT (which is Toronto slang for "Out of Town") is never too much for him. But then maybe it is, since he prays to make it back in one piece? Is the love not good enough? Or too much? In the next verse, Drake and this dancing partner have had their own trials and such. All he's asking for is a timely text response, and, honestly, that's good. He just wants to dance.

The main meaning of this song was that Drake and the woman he's trying to get one more dance with will leave the club at some point. They both seem down. As long as she replies to his texts and has enough Hennessy, you know? I knew there was more meaning than just dancing and that’s why I chose the song.




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  • I have listened many times to this song, but have never really listened closely to the lyrics because the songs beat is so good and fast. After listening to the start of this song I thought it was all about sex when he is at a club and he wants to take a girl home. When it says "tell me. I need to know, wehre do you wanna go? cause if you're down, I'll take it slow," that shows that this song is mostly about sex, but when I thought about that it could also mean maybe to take a relationship slow. I really liked the song choice.
  • The song One Dance is a great song that I agree not a lot of people fully understand the song. Theirs always some hidden trick in every song. Those hidden things that people find out themselves make the listeners appreciate the artist for being so clever with his song. Which gets more views and people showing others the song and more money being spent on it. When I first heard this song I really just listened to the beat and kept replaying eat and gradually started listened to the words and knew what he meant by grips on your waste and other parts of the song. Good song choice.
  • This song may be similar to other songs aboout love and relationships but I feel like this song has its own meaning. When a guy wants to dance with a girl, it usually doesn't matter who it's with, but in this case. He made it seem like there was no other girl for him. How does he know he wants that certain girl, when he has a drink in his hand? This song really connects with guys that are at bars because there is always that one guy that wants to dance with a certian girl.
  • The lyrics of this of this song made no sense to me at first. Then you said it was a metaphor for sex, clubbing, and relationships I started to see it. With the "grips on your waist", "oh, yeah she steady on grindin", and soon as you see the text, reply me, I don't wanna spend time fighting". The gun shots might mean the person died, since on of the lines is" I pray to make it back in one piece". The way the lyrics of the song are set up though, and the beat of the just make me think this song was just designed to get stuck in your head, and make you want to go to the club, or listen to it again.
  • When I heard the song, I was just thinking it was going to be one of those "drake" songs of him talking about an ex and being out of town, but it actually wasn't. The reason why no it's not the normal song is that he could be singing about a random chick, his girlfriend, or an ex. What I get from the song is that he is at a strip club getting a dance and, he is drunk on hennessy, and outside the club, he gets shot by someone, while he is out of town, Why I think that, is because the way he said the dance moves, it could either be sex or a strip club dancer. Why he is drunk is because, the mention of alcohol in the verses.Why I think, that he gotten shot is the gun shot sounds in the song,and the fact, that the beat had begun to get slower after that, and how the "higher power" was calling to him to come closer meaning he was dying. Overall good song, probably, would listen to it some time in the future.
  • I've heard this song but not that much. I thought when listening to this song it was mostly gonna be about sex and drinking. I thought that he was at the club dancing with someone. He doesn't care as long as she texts back and what not. Once I heard what the meaning was I found out that there is more reasoning behind this song.
  • I think the meaning of the song is kinda off to me, because I can't relate to it. I do think the beat is catchy and I'd sing along to it. I thought it was a good song choice because it is popular and people don't really think of the lyrics when listening. I had no idea what some of the words meant, such as "Oti Oti" or what Hennessy was. After listening to others interpretations, it got me thinking. I didn't know how to take the lyrics at first, but now I kinda get a sense of it. Drake does a great job producing songs in order to capture attention. I agree Dylan, this song is lit.
  • I, obviously, heard this song very often but I never really listened or actually understood what he's saying, maybe because he thinks pretty fast. I just always thought this song is just meant to sound good but doesn't really mean anything or makes any sense. I thought it's just random words. But now it kinda makes a lot sense, and I'm really surprised that there's actually a lot to interpret and a lot of meaning. I think it's a very good song and your I agree with your interpretation.
  • I thought this was a song about him being at the club and he met/saw a girl he really liked (Baby, I like your style) and then from there they just start dancing and drinking and having fun. When it gets down to the part about the texting and not replying I thought maybe they got to carried away and lost each other at the club but had plans to do something else. Then after that when it cuts back to the chorus they are now found each other and are now dancing more and drinking more again. On the back i thought the pretty girl part was kind of odd going against the gender stero type and loving him. When it gets to that part I feel like they are leaving the club to go somewhere else more quieter and having a different kind of "fun". This song is a really good song yes but I personally feel like it's just over played I first liked it when if just came out but it's played so much on the radio that it's just boring and it's just not appealing to me anymore. I mean after you hear a song more times than you can count and it's not really on of you favorites because it just kind of repeats the same stuff you'd get feed up with it as well.
  • Many songs are written about relationship, love, and sex, however there can be many different meanings behind each if them. In One Dance, I interpreted it as Drake and a girl, out at a club having fun, trying to loose themselves in the alcohol and music. "We've got no time" is a line referenced in the song, this could mean a lot of things, maybe Drake has to leave town tomorrow for business or something family related. Maybe there is going to be a fight or street race from the "streets not safe" line. Maybe the girl is the one leaving, and they just want to have their normal lives back, pretending everything is fine, so they don't have to worry about tomorrow. Overall I though the lyrics to the song meant that Drake and a girl are going separate ways, whatever the reason may be, so they take this night to be normal, pretend everything is okay, they loose themselves in the dancing, music and alcohol, and there is no where they'ed rather be.
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