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Opportunity To Become "Famous"

The definition of internet famous is very loosely used, but for someone in Carroll, Iowa to receive 22,200(and counting) likes on one single post of their writing is pretty impressive to me. This sparked a conversation with Maddie and I about the availability to become “famous” or “popular”. Years ago without social media you had to go and put yourself out there to receive any type of popularity. Now all it takes is a meaningful or comical writing and a little saying of “may the odds be ever in your favor”. With social media we now have the ability to push any of our thoughts or ideas out to the world. If one person with a lot of followers sees this and decides to reblog it--bam--you are all over the internet. This is the same thing with people posting YouTube videos, tweets, or even memes. If one person sees it and shows another person, who shows another, the chain continues and continues until you are reaching unfathomable numbers. This has become so easy to show our friends because of direct messages on pretty much every social media app we have. If I see something funny I can share it privately with my friends in the matter of a couple seconds. Everything spreads so quickly now and in some cases that is an amazingly cool thing.

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