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Police Officers

I hate that the media makes every police officer to be a horrible person just because of the black lives matter movement. I've been thinking about the two officers in Des Moines that were killed. I've talked to a lot of people recently who are absolutely disgusted that something like that could happen this close to home. I'm not saying every police officer is perfect, but it's nice to see that there are people who actually care about what happened to them rather than being happy that they were killed. I think it's nice to see all the blue ribbons tied around trees around town. It's a nice little reminder that people actually care about them.

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  • The media is good at only showing one side of the story. I like that communities are showing support for the officers.
  • It's always nice to see communities come together and support one another. It's a terrible thing that happens, but we will not make it be forgotten.
  • I really like seeing that people actually care too. I feel like police officers always just get that bad connotation.
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