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Puppy Tossing

I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed over the weekend and I came across an awful video.... The video was showing a women with a basket of new born puppies standing by a river.  I have no idea what she was going to do and all the sudden she just starting grabbing the crying puppies and tossing all of them into the river... It was the worst video I have ever seem.  I have no idea if she just did it for the views and the publicity, but why would someone ever think about doing that. This just shows how much people would do just to get "famous" or to get a ton of views of there video.  I knew people would do crazy stuff for publicity, but this is just disgusting. 

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  • It is so upsetting seeing what certain people do to get views. There are videos that are similar to this that I see often especially on Facebook. The videos are absolutely sickening. I always wonder if those people are confronted about their actions that were displayed online.
  • THIS MAKES ME SO MAD. People are so sick. I hope someone saw the video, turned her in, and she got what she deserved. Fame is not worth that.
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