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Living 20 minutes away from the school you attend is sometimes hard. Many people don't listen to the radio stations anymore because we have all progressed through technology along with our cars. When I get into my car the first thing I do is plug my phone into my aux cord and turn Pandora or Spotify on right away before I even put my seat belt on. Well last night, I had to work and when I got off work my phone was about to die, so I decided not to listen to my phone and just listen to the radio. This morning I got into my car and it was to cold so I forgot to plug my phone in so I listened to the radio to Carroll. I think I went through all the open stations and all they did was talk; there was no music. Maybe it was because it was later in the day, but really I just wanted to listen to music. On Star 102.5 they talk to this lady every Friday morning about movies that are out. Now on the pyramid of cool radio stations are not even on it anymore. 

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