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After reading an article on Forbes I questioned how accurate their information really was and how similar am I to other social media consumers. The article listed five ways millennial social media habits will change this next year. Their first point states that ratings will be everywhere. Personally I do not rate anything. Whether it is an app asking to rate it or for a company seeing how much I like the item I just bought, I just don’t do it. It states that we are used to rating everything and the transition to rating the app itself to actually rating the content inside of it is going to skyrocket in 2017. I find it annoying when apps create pop ups for you to rate them. I am also not a person that really looks at ratings of purchases I am about to make either. I think that if I personally like the item enough I am going to buy it whether the ratings are good or not. Sometimes on Netflix it seems that some of the best movies don’t have five star ratings anyway. A rating is an opinion and in most cases others opinions won’t persuade me.

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