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Recording Police Brutality

We just started a new unit in sociology about race. The presentation I was assigned is over Freddie Gray. As I was researching and watching videos to gather information, I remembered what we talked about in this class at the beginning of the year about with all the police violence and the media. If someone is being hurt by police, why would you stand there with your phone and record it instead of helping? This doesn't just apply to this particular case, but a lot of different police brutality videos. It might help in the long run of the police officers being charged, but you don't need to have 30 people standing in a circle recording it. Maybe one or two, but why would the rest of the people just stand there and watch? Who is that helping? This is one of the things that confuses me the most about the Black Lives Matter movement.

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  • Honestly, I think people video tape it to get evidence. They need proof on who is wrong and right in the situation.
  • I was also assigned Freddie Gray! I was shocked by a lot of what I had seen, however I can see both sides of the argument. I think the media tends to show more of one side to make sure they can create more conflict because that's what gets viewers.
  • Polking already made the point I was going to make. They don't want to die so the best they can do is provide evidence agents, or for them.
  • It's bearing witness, Krysta. How are you going to "help" someone who is being shot by the police? That puts you at risk as well.
  • I think so many people record so that they can be the first to post it and be "famous". I also think nobody jumps in because there cops and no one wants to get arrested, shot, etc. People now a days think cops are bad and can't be trusted.
  • I would honestly not help, as bad as that sounds. I am super small and not strong so something bad could happen to me. I would not record it though, I would go get help, or call somebody but I wouldn't stand there and watch. To be honest, I would probably run away because I'd be scared
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