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I don't know what has changed but I feel like I barely look at snapchat stories anymore. I don't know if it's because I've been busy or there's too many or I'm not sure. I feel like they just get annoying.. but then again what if I were to miss something? Is it more like JOMO or FOMO? I guess I'll never know.  I still post stories but I'm too lazy to look at them. Does anyone in here look at every story every day or what do you guys do with snap stories?

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  • I quickly go through my stories everyday, because I don't want them there, but I also don't really pay any attention to them. I feel like the content of them aren't always interesting and I don't want to spend time going through hundreds of seconds of stories.
  • I have to look at all my stories. I don't actually watch all of them because a lot of them are famous people who post very frequently, but if I'm in the mood for it or if I have time, I'll sit and watch the whole thing. I usually just watch them all to get rid of the notification because it annoys me to constantly see them.
  • I normally just check my stories to get rid of the notification. If there's something that catches my eye that I see, I'll re-watch the story, or if it's someone who I like I'll watch it, but for the most part it's just to get rid of the notification.
  • I have to check stories because if I don't it drives me crazy. But i don't actually take my time to look at every single one, I just go through them as fast as I can.
  • I don't like having the notification there so I usually look at them all. I only look at people I like/associate with or if someone tells me to go look at someones I will. Otherwise I tend to just click through most of them.
  • I am kind of a mix between both you and Saraya. I used to watch every single story but then as I began adding more people and even adding famous people just for their stories, I seem to skip through a lot of them now. I am like Saraya though that I have to at least click through every single one because it annoys me when the notifications are there.
  • I'm the total opposite! I feel like I HAVE to check all of my stories because I don't like the notification being there. It's a habit. I usually don't even look at what is actually in them, I just click through it.
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