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I saw an article on snapchat about a week ago about how we're all using snapchat wrong. I don't particularly think there's a wrong way to use a social media app. It said things like "don't send a snapchat that's on your story to another person when it's already on your story." I personally agree with that, but I don't get mad at anyone who does this to me. Another was something like "if you don't send ugly selfies to your friends, are they really your friends?" I don't know about anyone else, but my friends will screenshot any ugly pictures of me that they can. They will use these for revenge later on. (Not in super bad ways, but still.) I'd rather not see a gross picture of me plastered on their social media for a birthday post. Another thing was "if you don't keep a streak with your boyfriend/girlfriend, why are you with them?" I thought this was stupid. My boyfriend doesn't keep a streak with me because he doesn't see a point in it, and half the time, he forgets to snapchat me anyway. I think a lot of these social media rules are stupid. We should be able to use social media however we want to.

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  • This goes back to our first unit of the semester—you make your own rules for social media, but there are norms about social media use overall and particular apps that are have formed and will continue to strengthen.
  • I agree, also. Some people take Snapchat too seriously. It's just an app, have fun with it. Why should having a streak matter in a relationship? Couples shouldn't feel obligated to keep a streak to maintain their relationship, nor should they break up because of it. I would classify this statement as irrelevant.
  • I totally agree with the boyfriend/girlfriend situation. If you are dating them, and texting them or whatever why do people make it out as a rule that you have to have a snap streak with them? I find it kind of ridiculous.
  • I totally agree. There are certain things that will tick me off a little, but not so much that I'm actually angry. I don't believe you have to have a streak with your boyfriend/girlfriend- that shouldn't define your relationship with them. In fact, none of social media should be able to define any sort of relationship in anyones life.
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