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I don't know about anyone else, but I actually like clicking through some of the snapchat articles. I find them interesting and funny. However, I find it strange because our generation seems to like watching videos more than actually reading an article about the video. This is why a lot of news sites are now adding videos to their articles because they know we don't care about reading them. With snapchat articles, I think I'm the opposite. If one of the articles I click on that I'm interested in is says "swipe up to watch," I won't watch it. I'd much rather read an article about it. I'm not usually like this, but I think it depends what it's about. With snapchat, I'd rather just read the article. Is anyone else like this?

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  • I like going through them when I have time. Some of it interests me and its fun to read through them. I think the buzz feed ones are always funny or have really good topics. The picture before hand are what make me want to read, but I still have a hard time reading a really long article that doesn't have anything else to go with it. Videos are nice sometimes but both options are convenient depending on the mood i'm in.
  • I do the same! All the magazine articles have a picture in the background to capture attention and they put text over it. The pictures grab my attention for sure. I enjoy looking through the articles like the food network, ESPN, or Buzz feed. To be honest, I think that Snapchat articles are kinda boring if they don't have videos. The majority of them always have clip art or pictures, so it's not completely blah. Don't get me wrong, I like reading the actual articles but it just adds a little more interest if there are videos attached.
  • Our generation is becoming lazier in the matter that we don't want to sit and read a 400 word article, we'd rather watch a video about it. I personally enjoy snapchat articles also, because they are short and they get the point across.
  • I also would much rather read the articles on snapchat rather than watch a video about it. I only click on the ones that really catch my attention though.
  • I don't really look at the articles on Snapchat. However, if I did look at them, I'd also prefer to read them. I feel like there's more information in reading. Things in videos can be easily missed.
  • I am like you too. I never watch the videos and I like reading the articles instead. I only look through these if they are interesting or if I'm bored.
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