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Does anyone notice that most snap stories are all of the same nowadays? I am guilty though of being a typical girl when it comes to some of these examples but just tell me if you've seen these. The floating emojis on videos, the bitmojis, the stickers with the hearts, and many more. I just feel like when I look at snap stories, they are all the same in one way or another. For example, people go out to eat. There's a video showing all of the food and the people and they put like "lunch date" as the caption.

(By the way, i'm not calling out any certain people in here because we've all done it before, even me)

I just think that snapchat stories is just one of those things that if it isn't like interesting or you have a lot of snap stories, then people might delete you or get annoyed. I once deleted this person for putting 100 videos on their story of a concert. To be honest, I kind of like snapchat stories, because then I know what's going on and because some of them can be really funny or cute. I don't like snap stories when people make them too long, or i don't know.  I like seeing people's creativity with them too. Any opinions on snap stories?

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  • As apps like Snapchat become more ubiquitous, they take on the role of "small talk." They become outlets for our more mundane lives. Just as many people talk about the same things, they will tend to post the same things.

    I also think we see what other people post and that becomes normative—this calls back to our social media rules unit at the beginning of the semester.

    It's also the pyramid of cool in action—Snapchat will eventually become Facebook as far as its "cool" factor.
  • I get really annoyed when someone posts a LOT of snap stories in one day. I have this OCD thing with checking every single one of my stories. So when I have to sit there and click through someone's story a million times to make it disappear, I get aggravated.
  • I agree with Devan that when stories become repetitive, they don't necessarily need to share what they are doing all the time. If so, I just delete them and that's it. I occasionally post snap stories, and I post them because I want to share something cute, cool or funny. I guess I don't really think of what other people think of my story because I don't really care. I like Snapchat stories because I can stay in the "loop" of things and watch what my favorite celebrities lives consists of. Half of the time, I don't even open stories from people I know. Tbh I mostly look at viners, you-tubers, and celebrities snaps because I find them more interesting and funny.
  • I like seeing other people's Snapchat stories too. I can get annoying if someone posts their whole life story, but if you don't like that, then you can delete them.
  • I don't think I have done the whole "Lunch Date" thing before, but I agree that a lot of stories seem to be the same everyday. It can start to be repetitive, but I think that people just feel the need to share what they are doing all the time. That's the affect media has on people. So I see where you are coming from.
  • @ me next time
    • I said this was not directed towards anyone lol, you're not deleted are you ;)
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