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Snapchat: Will it ever go away?

Snapchat is probably one of the most used apps in the world right now. But remember when facebook, myspace, and all of those other apps were popular too? I understand snapchat is a lot more used now because technology has improved tremendously, but it's just crazy how many people have snapchat now. Do you think it will ever go away? I don't think it will. They keep just adding more and more things to snapchat to make it better. To be honest, I'm always afraid to get the new update because it always messes something up and it's so much different sometimes then how it was before the update. I feel like if they keep changing it it will drift people away, or reel people in. What do you guys think? 

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  • I don't think Snapchat will ever go away, but that it will keep being improved. I also think many companies will try to make apps like Snapchat with better features, but Snapchat will probably come up with more features to keep getting people to download and use it.
  • I believe Snapchat can be preserved, as long as two things keep happening. New and more creative content is created, and teens and young adults aren't showing their parents how to use the app. If you don't show parents how to use it, that could increase the chance of them not using it, and applying more creative content makes it slightly more difficult for the adults to adapt to what their kids are doing.
  • I think it will also stay forever because it has been really popular for a very long time and I think it will continue to stay that way.
  • This is a good question. Facebook is still insanely popular, just more with moms than teens. I imagine that, at the least, Snapchat will fade like Facebook, as something newer and "cooler" comes along. But I could also see it dying out like MySpace, perhaps as people decide they really don't need to see everything that happens to their friends.
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