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Star Wars in the film industry

This weekend my family and I had a movie marathon of Star Wars. Since all of the movies weren’t made in order, it was really interesting to see how all of the special effects have changed. My mom was telling me about how she was 14 when she went to the very first movie. She said no laptops or cell phones have even be made yet or if they were, they weren’t popular. I began to read how Star Wars had an impact on future special effects. For people in 1977, these effects were huge because no one had seen anything like it before. After doing some research, George Lucas, who wrote and directed A New Hope, had made his own effects company which is called Industrial Light and Magic. For many, the very first episode of Star Wars had set the base for modern effects today. This article below mentions how many movies later like the Lord of the Rings wouldn’t be the same with the original Star Wars movie. The article also explains how Stars Wars changed the film industry forever.

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  • Considering how awe-inspiring film effects are nowadays with the use of special FX, seeing movies such as the original Star Wars movies compared to the newer ones currently being made, it's funny to see how far the film industry has come. As Carlie said, thinking about special effects in 40+ years is almost unimaginable. We as consumers think special FX nowadays are so jaw-dropping, but in 40 years, imagine how much farther they will come.
  • It is almost humorous watching old movies or shows and seeing how much the effects have changed over the years. Something that we would consider easy to do was so high tech back then. It is crazy to think about what special effects will be like 40 years from now.
  • Why did you think it got so purpler. It just awed so many people with the special effects the first time they watch, and the seconded time they watched it they got hooked on how good the story is. Our generation kind of skips the first part though.
  • I've never seen Star Wars.... but I can only imagine how much the affects have changed. It seems very popular, so it has to catch attention somehow!
  • That is really cool that Star Wars changed the film industry. That's probably a reason why Stars Wars has been so popular over many years. I'm not a big Star Wars fan so I don't watch them but now I want to watch the movies just to look at how they filmed the movie.
  • I am a fan of Star Wars and I agree with you! The special effects have certainly changed and just everything overall. I think Star Wars has made a huge impact on film making. And you even said that people back then had never seen those effects before. It's just crazy how much films have changed and just technology in general. Our parents didn't even grow up with phones or laptops! It's mind boggling how different we grew up with all this technology.
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