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Technology- Taken for granted

Is anyone really truly grateful for how much technology we have? The U.S. is the most advanced in technology in the world. We have by far the best internet, and we have also sent someone to the moon in 1969 and have repeated that 3 more times. We have also the best military in the world. We have 12 aircraft carriers, and lots more. 

The main thing we take advantage of is our access to the internet. We have so many social media sites that connect to all over the world. I couldn't imagine what life would be like if they just took out all social media and the good technology that we have. It's crazy to think that we rely on it so much nowadays. Long distance relationships, school, relationships in general, just anything. It's crazy. 

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  • Thinking back to how our lives would be, say, 50 years ago compared to how they are now is almost unimaginable. We've grown up in the age where technology rules everything, and to think that not too long ago there was nothing of this sort. Knowing where technology is today and knowing that technology is going to get better is something to look forward to.
  • I'm very thankful for technology because of long distance relationships (family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend) and to keep updated with what is going on locally, nationally, and world wide.
  • I'm very very very thankful for the technology we have. Otherwise, I wouldn't have my beloved cellphone!
  • I agree with you. I'm thankful for all of the technology we have for curing cancer and it's only going to get better. It's amazing how much technology we have.
  • Beware false claims: Many other countries have both more widely available and FASTER internet than the United State does. Research it.
  • I would have to agree with you. So many people get on social media for no reason. Some people like you said couldn't live with out that and that's kind of sad. That technology has taken over people so much they can't live without it. That's crazy. But if we like it or not that's the century we live in.
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